The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching

Coaching Cover_front_lgThe Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider’s Guide to Coaching Scope and Competencies describes the rapidly emerging role of Nurse Coach – a role that speaks to the heart of nursing, but one that all providers can embrace.


Nurse Coaching is all about interaction with clients in a skilled, purposeful, and results-oriented way. This structured, relationship-centered approach by registered nurses promotes achievement of client goals. Nurse Coaching is grounded in the principles and core values of professional nursing. Nurse coaching competencies can be integrated into any setting or specialty area of practice.

Nurse Coaches establish co-creative partnerships with clients to facilitate a process of change that assists them in realizing undeveloped potential. Self-care, intentionality, presence, mindfulness, and therapeutic use of self are vital components of effective Nurse Coaching.


In this book you will find strategies to help you:

  • Create a safe space for coaching conversations.
  • Provide a structure for further coaching sessions.
  • Explore client readiness for change.
  • Assist clients to identify goals, select action steps, evaluate progress, and sustain life changes.
  • Learn the importance of coaching clients becoming aware of their challenges and celebrating their accomplishments.
  • Learn new, valuable ways to assist clients to adopt effective, sustainable life-changing behaviors.

The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider’s Guide to Coaching Scope and Competencies is your essential resource as you support your clients on a journey of discovery to achieve desired behavior changes.

14 responses to “The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching

  1. This is a terrific publication, sure to warm the heart of nurses who wish to work with clients in a one-to-one relationship, within the client’s worldview, and use themselves as a reservoir of healing.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Helen,
    I begin my coaching class early next month and am looking forward to taking the advanced holistic nursing board exam for the specialty of holistic nursing later in the year. Ann

    • Ann,
      I am very interested in coaching and wanting to know what coaching class you are taking. Very exciting to see their is a book on nurse coaching. I look forward to your reply. Thanks

  3. I got all excited when I first saw the title thinking that it was about NURSES COACHING NURSES about the very same topics. At my ripe old age of 74, edu of NP, lots of healthcare and life experiences, I still want to help the more or less “newbies” to see how it used to be done in the days of Drs. Casey, Kildare and Welby. If I were still a writer, I would probably write it myself. Instead, I still have enough in me to wait a few years. Anna

  4. Nurses now have a new role – nurse coaching – for transforming their vast knowledge of suffering and their innate wisdom and compassion into action. What a great benefit for both nurses and patients alike!

  5. The time is ready for Nurse Coaching to make a meaningful patient-oriented difference in healthcare. The potential for moving into a prominent place in hospitals and clinics is exciting and this organization can make it happen. The certificate program is the way to the forefront of Nurse Coaching.

  6. Go o and sign up now I finished that program last year and am preparing to take the board certification exam in March, love the instructors, the program and my cohorts!

  7. I have been an RN Health and Wellness Coach for over 3 years, obtaining my first certification through Wellcoaches. It was an amazing interactive telephonic program. Nursing has the background for terrific health coaches. It is much more than motivational interviewing. I have changed how I practice nursing!

  8. Sounds good,much like what MH nurses have done for years. For a nurse practicing independently as a nurse counselor, this may also be useful.

The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching

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